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I got into some sort of rhythm: I work, I dance, I work, I dance, I work, etc. Everything is running smoothly at the moment, except maybe love life.
As usual I went skiing in week 11, and the last two weeks I spent in New York, first for work, then for pleasure (dancing).
My near-future plans are to:

  • Get a drivers license
  • Buy a car (a van of course)
  • Travel to see places and meet friends (next: Vancouver)
  • Keep on dancing
  • Maybe, just maybe, find a boyfriend...

This summer I finished my masters degree in Bioinformatics and since January 2006, I have been living in the Netherlands. Yes, I will stay here for a while, because I am employed on a four-year contract as PhD student.
Since I moved from Denmark, I have been using my blog even more to keep everyone updated on my daily life - including myself.

Now blogging
I have initiated my blogging existence by creating a blog at blogger.com. View my blog at glyn.dk/blog.
If you were so unfortunate to try to visit my page during the second and third week of June you would find my homepage down thanks to a server crash at DHT hosting. Now this site is hosted by b-one.net instead.

Time for an update
Again it has been some time since I last made new pages, but if you have been curious enough, you would have noticed that a lot of new photos have been added to my photoalbum.
I have made a new page for keeping track of my travels. And I have made absolutely no updates to my list of recent films (so I have removed the link from the front page - it is almost embarassing). My plans for school have changed a lot several times during the last few months, and I try as best as I can to keep Present School updated.
Recap: Since spring 2004 NOTHING HAPPENED.

Back to school again
Ouch! I did not realise that it had been *so* long since I last wrote here. Well, take it as an impression of how busy I am at school.
Just to update you all: I went to Norway twice this winter/spring (pages under way). This summer I went to the Alps (page under way) to climb Mt Blanc, I went to Glasgow to attend the ISMB/ECCB conference and for the last three weeks I have been to the university to do a lab course in Advanced Experimental Molecular Biology.
Now my attention is centered around my bachelor project and my stay in Miami next semester (spring 2005). The date for semester start in Miami is before I have finished my last exams in January. I hope the administration in Miami can give me dispensation for not being at the introduction and the first lectures. I am still waiting for their feedback on the fact...

Back to school
Lots of new knowledge to consume. I have updated my list of subjects in Present School.
At least the memories from this summer are still maintained every day, have a look at my brief narrative from the glacier course in Norway.
It is my plan to upload pictures from Mallorca, but these days schoolwork is first priority. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the photos from Norway.
And by the way, I have database-enabled my training diary...

Summer holidays
Wonderful to relax with no exams and lots of sun! I've been to Roskilde Festival, I've been to Sweden with my family and I've been in Norway (Fjærland) for a glacier course with my sister.
Now I'm home again and working (still at DI), anticipating my next trip... to Mallorca in weeks 32 and 33. On all the above mentioned (and I promise the same for the future) travels I've been busy taking lots of photographs, and behold - some of them will be uploaded on THESE very pages in the near future.
Lots of others have taken pictures at Roskilde Festival, and sent them to the official Roskilde-Festival Homepage. Have a look and you get a good idea of what the festival was like this year.

I think I've blown my chance of calling this page a daily news so I've changed the title to Latest News instead.
Since my last update of this homepage (16/02/2003 according to WS-FTP),

  • I think I've seen about 50 movies (haven't counted yet, I'll give you the exact number when I do),
  • I have handed in at least 18 mandatory reports or written exercises,
  • taken approximately 25 rolls of film with my new old camera (bought in January)
  • and I have moved to Funen!.
So, as you can imagine I have a lot of updating to do, and I'll be sure to make them very soon.

Happy New Year!
I spent christmas with my family and new years eve once again at Graffens place, and what a fabulous party it was!

Monday 6th I sat my exam in 'DM02 - Algorithms and Datastructures', and Saturday 11th I did 'KE04 - General and Organic Chemistry'. So I have no more exams until this summer.
I have uploaded my DM02 report from November 2002, so you can read and - if you wish - comment on it.

And by the way, Dilbert has started a small series on eXtreme Programming, which of course is extremely funny. Have a look at: this strip from the 9th of January.

I feel like this is my first day *ever* without homework to do. I've used the day to do some shopping and tidy up in the kitchen, and as you can see, to update the "news" on my homepage.
I have chosen to change the wording on the front page from 'daily news' to 'latest news' as I have admitted to myself that I can't possibly manage to make updates to this page on a daily basis.
The holiday starts this friday after 10 o'clock, that is after my last lesson in DM02 'Algorithms and datastructures', and my main activity over Christmas and New Years eve will be reading for my exams in January: 'Algorithms and datastructures' on the 6th and 'General and Organic chemistry' on the 11th (yes, a Saturday).
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I now have a place to stay in Odense. Not a place to live and it is not my own place. I have merely made an agreement with Jens to sleep over in his apartment on tuesdays and thursdays, when my hours at school extends to very late or commences early.
My bicycle is already in Odense. I brought it there yesterday. So from now on, I will get exercise and fresh air (and maybe even see the sun) every day, as I cycle from the station to the university and back.
Notice I have posted some more pictures in my photoalbum.
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At last I took a second to create a mailinglist for www.glyn.dk.
Now I can send notifications whenever I make changes or major updates to my site. I do not intend to use the list every time I change a comma on the site, but only for changes that might be interesting for my regular visitors. This could for example be posting a new collection of photos in my photoalbum or uploading a new school paper for download.
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Summer is over, and at last I have put some of the photos from Les Ecrins online.
View them here.

This weekend I endured 24 hrs of photomarathon. Unfortunately my camera has lost the connection to the flash, so for the marathon I rented a camera from photografica: two days for 120,-. My photomarathon was saved, but I still need to invest in a repair or a new camera.
The winner photos of the photomarathon will be displayed on www.fotomarathon.dk at the latest on August 30th.

I am now enrolled at Syddansk University Odense for the Bioinformatics bachelor programme, starting 2nd of September 2002. I am very excited about it all: Studying at a university, meeting new people, exploring Odense...
I have only one month left at DI, according to my contract, and I am still not sure whether I will have time to continue working there some hours a week.

I've been down with a flu for an entire week after the Festival. Today is my last chance to recover before I head for the Alps (Les Ecrins, France) tomorrow morning.
I prepared for the trip by buying loads of new equipment. I see it as an investment for all the trips I plan to make within the next three years when I won't have money to buy equipment.

Great to relax a bit without having to worry about exams anymore. Now I'm planning my trip to Roskilde Festival 27-28-29-30 of June.

I sat my final written English exams yesterday, and today I did my oral Chemistry exam. I tell you I'm exhausted! I went right home to sleep for an hour. :o) And did I mention, the fine result?

I am still preparing for my two exams later this week, and I still have a long way to go.


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