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Dissen Seter March 2007

The tradition continued as we once again visited Dissen Seter for our skiing holiday in week 11.


We experienced possibly the warmest weather ever. The temperature started low, but then continued to rise, making the snow first soft, then hard and slippery, and after a cold night we were literally skiing on ice in the morning and slush-ice in the afternoon.
Henrik saved our good moods by delivering snow shoes for half of the group. With these, we went on new hikes and trails we had never tried before, including conquering Anaripigg.

People and Food

Either I am getting younger, or the rest of the group is getting older. I seem to be full of energy while most others prefer a rest, a cup of coffee, a "vaffel med rÝmme", or just to read a book. I woke up at 7am every morning (that is my silly daylight rhythm) and made a huge portion of oatmeal for the late-getting-uppers to enjoy.
Getting up early also meant that I had time for approximately three breakfeasts before we finally got our skis on and got going. And everybody ate a lot in general, which is also a common denominator for this trip. We did not have Lennox with us this year, but everybody put a big effort and innovation in making a delicious dinner every night.

Next year

It will be Dissen Seter again next year, and I will be the trip organiser. Like last year, a number of people suggested that we should change our method of transport, but so far noone has come up with a good alternative for the bus. Let's see what it will end up with. In any case I am looking forward to the trip again next year, and I am happy that the rest of the group trust me in organising it.

Dissen Seter
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