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Online friends

My best friend Josh has been my friend ever since I first entered the internet, and he's taught me quite a few things about life besides helping me through hard times.

Allan is a visionary and a dreamer. I got to know him through my friend Allan, and even though they've gotten lots of complaints on the duplicated name, they are still named Allan and Allan.

I met boertje at Roskilde 99 and we've kept contact through ICQ. It's the opposite of most the stories you hear about how people got to know their ICQ contacts.

Offline friends (no ICQ or no homepage - bad luck)

Please say hello to trynen.
She says that life can't be hard if you have an education, money, a place to live, a job and a boyfriend. Frankly, I don't know what she is talking about. ;o)


Pictures from a GREAT party:
New Years Eve 2001
The first Allan - here in Switzerland:
Allan Allan Allan



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