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Friday April 19th 2002 was the date of our final group exam at Niels Brock.

In the grade system for datamaticians, each group member get an individual grade for their performance. Each of the members in our group - that is to say Catrine, Jacob and I - got 13! In the Danish grade system 13 is the highest mark, corresponding to an A+ or 100% (depending on your country).
I will surely mention the fine result in my CV when applying for a job.


I did my Chemistry exam (oral) on the 14th of June at 9:12. I got the grade 11, and I am very satisfied.

Cambridge Course in English Proficiency

The first part of the exam, The listening test and the interview, was held on the 29th of May.
The second part, which was held on the 13th of June, comprised a test on reading comprehension, a composition and use of English (written).

I received a letter from the British Council on 17th of August with my statement of results. I have passed with a grade A.
The certificate will be sent to me in September.



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