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Curriculum Vitae
Languages - Natural
Danish My mothertongue
English My 'fathertongue'
French At a high school level, though it is a bit rusty by now.
German Novice
Languages - Programmatic
C++ Expert in Object Oriented Programming from small algorithms to database management and socket programming.
PHP Expert in all forms of dynamic and database-driven content
SQL Expert using relational databases
HTML Core technology since 1996, currently Especially W3C HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0
JavaScript Everyday use in webdevelopment
ASP Moderate knowledge
CSS A core technology for all webdevelopment
Prolog Minor applications
XML I have used XML for data representation during my work with the content management system edIMag
MySQL Extensive usage in connection with PHP programming
Oracle For applications in Borland C++ Builder
Borland C++ Builder 2 years
MS Visual C++ 1 year
emacs on a linux box programming c++ for gcc
UltraEdit My everyday tool for HTML and PHP editing
SWI Prolog Novice
UML For documentation and communication of design
eXtreme Programming In favour of all the XP practices
Object Oriented Programming The only thing I do

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