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I have been working at very different places through the last couple of years, here's a pick:

  • DI - Until August 2003 I worked in the IT-department at DI (www.di.dk) as an internet/intranet developer. I started at DI almost immediately after finishing my final project at Niels Brock, Copenhagen. I worked fulltime for half a year and then went down to working 5-10 hours/week, when I started my studies at SDU in August 2002.
  • BYG - As my final project at Niels Brock I did a webbased benchmarking tool for BYG extranet together with Catrine and Jacob. We offered blood, sweat and tears only to receive the highest grade available.
  • LocomotiveI worked for a short while for Locomotive, but I resigned in favour of my final project at Niels Brock.
  • NTV Communications - I did C++ and php in a linux/windows environment developing the Content Management system edIMag.
  • AKF -The Institute of Local Government Studies Denmark-, I worked in the IT department installing hardware and software and giving support for HW and SW problems.
  • Mondosoft, for a short period I worked there full-time helping with their customer database in Lotus Notes
  • The Association of Danish Shipbuilders, for half a year I did mostly paperwork but also PC support and HTML
  • La Rose, my favourite flowershop. I worked there for three or four years, just couldn't give it up. (And I am still equally attracted by flowers and gardening)
  • MedieKompagniet, now they've made a new company called neoideo

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