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Not everyone enjoy taking handwritten notes at school. I am fond of it. My only problem is that an old scar on my thumb hurts if I write too much, and so usually the first half of my notes from a lesson or meeting is fine and neat, and the second half would not be worth mentioning here.
But when it comes to typing, I can go on for hours if only I have a subject I passionately want to communicate. Try me.

In this section I will introduce you to the education in the formal sense: Schools I have been to, courses I have attended. Please choose a tense from the menu above or a download from the list below.

Neural Networks - by glyn
eXtreme Programming - by glyn
eXtreme Project Management - by Catrine

You can also have a look at my Exam Results.
My education is my life. Have you ever heard of lifelong learning?



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