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I do not have a TV set.

Yes, I know, don't tell me: "That is weird?". How come that glyn, in the era of communication, does not accept or use the most popular mean of mass communication?
Because I am pickish. I choose what I want to see, I choose what I want to read. I see no sense in buying a TV if only to occupy a perfectly nice evening with commercials and TV-shows. Rather, I go to the cinema.
The society of today is reflected in the films produced. I can study the society of yesterday by watching older movies.

Of course, I need to mention that I am almost an addict of the moving picture. When a film has started, I want to see what happens next. No matter whether it is a commercial, a Hitchcook or some documentary from the 60's. So by going to the movies, I can be sure that the magic will end within limited time, and then I can relax and afterwards go home to sleep.

-glyn (archive)


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