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I was against having a page with links, but I don't know where else to put all my favourite links for everyone to see.

Short films and animations online

Muffin films
The Aardman collection at Atomfilms
The Aardman homepage
Big Bunny as in "Hello Big Bunny!" - "Hello Crunchy Children..."
Pixar short films
Angry Kid
Wallace and Gromit



Most used urls

Rejseplanen - To find my way round Copenhagen
Biobooking - To order my tickets online
Cinemateket - Short films, documentaries, classics, all in one place!

Talking of films: View entire list of films I have seen recently.

DilbertZoneAtomfilmsAardman StudiosTooMuchCoffeeMan

Artificial Intelligence

Generation5 - Articles, Examples, Theory, References, Code.
KurzWeilAI - News, Robotics, Lifelike animations, Ethics, Thoughts of the Future AI applications and more.

Just for the fun of it

H2G2 - aka The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy



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