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These are a few of my favourite things..

Favourite things change over time. Looking back at my previous list I realised it needed a serious update. Now these are my favourite things as of April 2007:

  • My Calendar - It helps me keep track of everything. Yes, Everything.
  • My Blog - Allows me to vent thoughts and ideas, and helps my friends and family to stay updated with my expat life.
  • My Camera(s) - Every time I get the chance I'm off taking pictures of this and that.
  • My Work - I love my job. I could not imagine doing anything more satisfying on a daily basis. However, I can easily imagine getting paid better...

In principle, favourite things need not be your own, so I would also like to nominate sweet pepper (or paprika in Dutch) as a favourite thing. I eat peppers almost every day either raw or somehow cooked in my evening meal.

All the sorts and sizes are my favourites

So what is my favourite pasttime? Since summer 2006, my favourite pasttime has been salsa dancing. But I also have other interests, as I wrote in my favourite things of 2005.

-glyn (April 2007)


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